custom kydex holsters makers

 IQC for Leather  

 1.Abrasion Resistance           
 2.Pull Strength                 
 3.color fading test                

 IQC for Metal Parts                 

 1.Salt Spray Test
 2.Coating Adhesion
 3. Mechanical test

 Pre-production sample     

 1. Check when new item production starts
 2. Check when new material change

 IPQC & full check on line  

 1.Check when production start
 2.Routine Inspect on line per 2hrs

 OQA test         

 1.Fitting inspection
 2.Package check
 3.Appearance check

 DQA for finish samples  

 2.Seam strength
 3.Life test(user test)
 4.Storage test

 Transportation Test      

 1.Drop test
 2.Vibration test
 3.Stacking test
 4.Storage test                    


 1. High & low temperature test Chamber

 2. High temperature tester

 3. Salt spray tester

 4. Tensile tester

 5. Migration/abrasion tester

 6. Light box

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